Monday, January 3, 2011

Nicole by OPI

I'd seen that Walmart had an OPI collection for awhile but somehow I'd never gotten around to purchasing any, that is until now. For seven bucks each and just as good as the regular OPI line only cheaper. I just want to collect them all, especially want craving a sheer color with tiny metallic hearts. This line has the most humerous names, I honestly wonder who comes up with these things. From left to right the shades are: Playin' Hooky, Wavy Navy, Truth of Lilac, You're an Angel and Deeply in Love. All of them went on thick except for You're an Angel which was rather sheer and I had to apply a couple more coats and still didn't quite get the color of the bottle. I started to do swatches of each one individually but after one I decided to swatch them all on the same page. Anyway, in conclusion you should all run to the store and buy these right now, I believe they sell them at Target too. Truly remarkable, just like the normal OPI line.

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