Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6th 2010

Dresses of the moment: from left a tie dye dress by guess, a black chicka romper I bought at nordstrom (42 dollars), and a lace dress from jeans wear house (the most ghetto store on the island) but I somehow managed to see this gem in the window, the only decent thing in the entire store.

Being grounded is turning me into a bookaholic, I read these in a matter of two days. I could do a book review on them, but lets face it most likely no one cares, or is gonna go out and borrow the book just because I said so. Not to mention the fact that this is a fashion blog.
My guilty pleasure, I'm completely addicted to these. Get the giant bag at Costco, it's well worth it ;)
Call me a book nerd but I finished all these books in a day, I just stayed in my bed and read non-stop. I'm envying their lives a little bit right now, they're definitely topping mine.
Got this adorable shot glass, it says pick your poison. Oh the treasures of Waikiki, the drunken shopoholic version of myself bought it in some tacky tourist shop on the beach.

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