Thursday, January 27, 2011

my new purse

I absolutely love this purse, it was regular eighty dollars on sale for 35, so of course I had to buy it! The brand is called big buddha which I would never have imagined a name like that selling cute bags but they were adorable, they had this one in practically every color but I figured gray would match more.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

all i want

All I want are these, are they not the most perfect boots you've ever seen? I just bought a pair of new ugg boots today (i'll upload a picture later) but I really want these too. They're Blizardd boots by Steve Madden, a hundred dollars at Macy's. I'm gonna go shopping after school and lets hope I can get these.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The white abyss of sand, it was such a lovely day as the beach was completely empty (perhaps because one wave would break you in half), hot, sunny, and perfect weather for tanning. I'm that blonde head with the green hat and bad posture.

About once a month my friends an I set off an adventure to the far side of the island (the north shore) at this time of year the waves are huge so we can't really go swimming, instead we have a picnic and wander around the little beach town. We discovered the neatest little art studio, its owned by a large very artistic family whom design surf boards, it's called art is. All in all it was quite a good day.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

adventuring onto my roof, this is a big deal given my fear of heights. I actually ripped my tights getting up, totally my luck. But I must say I did like my outfit, completely not hawaii proof but still somewhat cute. Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Forever21, Tights: Pacsun, Bedazzled Scarf: H&M.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6th 2010

Dresses of the moment: from left a tie dye dress by guess, a black chicka romper I bought at nordstrom (42 dollars), and a lace dress from jeans wear house (the most ghetto store on the island) but I somehow managed to see this gem in the window, the only decent thing in the entire store.

Being grounded is turning me into a bookaholic, I read these in a matter of two days. I could do a book review on them, but lets face it most likely no one cares, or is gonna go out and borrow the book just because I said so. Not to mention the fact that this is a fashion blog.
My guilty pleasure, I'm completely addicted to these. Get the giant bag at Costco, it's well worth it ;)
Call me a book nerd but I finished all these books in a day, I just stayed in my bed and read non-stop. I'm envying their lives a little bit right now, they're definitely topping mine.
Got this adorable shot glass, it says pick your poison. Oh the treasures of Waikiki, the drunken shopoholic version of myself bought it in some tacky tourist shop on the beach.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Bag

Don't you just love shopping? This is my newest find. Sorry the lighting isn't the best nor is the quality, the battery on my Nikon D60 was dead so I had to use my pink toy camera. My friend's mum owns this little thai restaurant and they had this little boutique come in and fill half the restaurant with rows of clothing and bags, and the other half was a buffet it was great. I got this bag for sixty bucks there, normally I don't blow that much on bags but what can i do, it had studs, enough said.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Nicole by OPI

I'd seen that Walmart had an OPI collection for awhile but somehow I'd never gotten around to purchasing any, that is until now. For seven bucks each and just as good as the regular OPI line only cheaper. I just want to collect them all, especially want craving a sheer color with tiny metallic hearts. This line has the most humerous names, I honestly wonder who comes up with these things. From left to right the shades are: Playin' Hooky, Wavy Navy, Truth of Lilac, You're an Angel and Deeply in Love. All of them went on thick except for You're an Angel which was rather sheer and I had to apply a couple more coats and still didn't quite get the color of the bottle. I started to do swatches of each one individually but after one I decided to swatch them all on the same page. Anyway, in conclusion you should all run to the store and buy these right now, I believe they sell them at Target too. Truly remarkable, just like the normal OPI line.

Wall of Inspiration

My wall of inspiration: home to my necklaces, cut-outs from fashion magazines, Lookbook print-offs, and advertisement clippings. Right next to my closet and mirror, perfect for last minute outfit ideas.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Make-up Brush Collection

If you could call it a collection, in reality its only composed of 6 brushes. However, these are the only make-up brushes you'll ever need, with the except of my kabuki brush and my mac #239, which aren't pictured. From left: slanted blush brush from Sephora, stippling brush from Sephora, Loreal blush brush, foundation brush from some organic line, Sephora eyeliner brush, and blending brush from the organic line.


I got the Dickinson's toner because dulcecandy87 recommended it in one of her youtube videos,  it did not live up to my expectations at all. I never got to discover if it worked because it smelled so disgusting. I can't even describe the smell... like alcohol in a garbage disposal.

This reminded me of being a kindergartener when you put glue on your hands and then peel it off, i actually found it quite entertaining. But I think I'll stick to the elmer's glue on my hands not on my face, thank-you very much.
I bought this to see how I would look with brown hair, being a natural blonde I've always been too scared to permanently dye it. So I figured the temporary one would be a trial. Result: not sure what it's supposed to be used for, but its definitely not a whole head. It made my hair incredibly greasy and when wet, the color immediately drips off. I wore it for a night out and everytime I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I would gringe because a) this is definitely not my color and b) my hair looks as if it had gone month's without washing it.

Living in Hawaii you would think I wouldn't need this, but somehow I can never get a tan regardless of where I am. I couldn't notice a difference at first, so I began applying it to one arm but not the other by the end you could definitely tell, it isn't that noticeable but if your becoming a blue white and looking for a bit of color this may help. I've buy nearly every tanning lotion I see and still haven't quite found the one. If you know of a good one please let me know! I'm thinking of trying the Victoria Secret sexy bronze one next.

I absolutely LOVE this, the perfect leave-in conditioner, it leaves my hair smelling good and is easy to brush out. I've stopped using regular conditioner and now apply this immediately after stepping out of the shower it is a miracle worker. This is the only product that has remained consistent in my routine through the month's.

I recieved this as a gift and fell in love with candy apple scent, I love all bath and body works scents but this one was truly amazing. The creamy peach lotion also had blue sparkles it it to add a bit of glamor. It might just be a limited edition Christmas time thing, I'm not sure but I recommend everyone run out and buy one before it's too late.

thank god im fresh

 Hello all of you, well when i say all i don't mean that seeing as i have zero followers but hopefully that will change soon. This Christmas season has been terrible busy for me, but seeing how i've just recently been grounded til graduation 2011 should be relatively calm. I've only been grounded for two days so far and i am already going crazy so i figured i would attempt to be productive and start a blog so we shall see how this goes. The following are a couple of pictures from my friends new years party.