Fulltime student, born in Hawaii and currently residing in Victoria. My fashion history began with lookbook in 2009 as an escape from the fashion-less void that is Hawaii: a great place to vacation, but more of an inspiration in terms of surfing than fashion. I went MIA for a year, then got back into fashion via blogging during college as I began to actually afford the amazing clothes in magazines and all over the internet. I was drawn to the idea of standing out, expressing myself in a way that was different than everyone else. They have sports and biology careers and I have this.

INSPIRED BY: many bloggers and women with confidence.

Likes: pastels, chiffon skirts, messenger bags, old fashion cars, sex and the city, studded things, red-orange lipstick, essie nail polish, writing lists, my blackberry, steve madden shoes, UNIF spiked hellraiser loafers, high wasted shorts, and my mac book.

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