Friday, May 11, 2012

Back to Hawaii and Blogspot

After surviving a long cold year in Canada, it was great to slip into summer with this marilyn monroe inspired look. NARS red-orange lipstick ties the polka-dotted skirt and red sunglasses together and the bikini top gives the look a modern twist. All in all it set the tone for the day. Today, I took a trip down to Waikiki beach with one of my future roommates and browsed through the market place, pssst did I mention the 3 story forever21? That in itself is a reason to take a trip over to Hawaii. All the latest pastels, polkadots, and neon colors reminded me why I loved fashion in the first place. Which brings me to why I'm back here in the first place, everyone on lookbook and the store windows have rejuvenated my love for fashion. With school out of the way, my main focus is back to fashion, my blog, and lookbook. So be prepared for day to day updates. Enjoy!

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